Reference and access to government, accounting or financial sites providing relevant and useful information: The AICPA provides tools and guidance for accountants and its members Promotes financial literacy on various topics such as setting a budget, how to use credit responsibly, retirement planning and much more beneficial to individuals, families and consumers This site will give you the most up-to-date information on mortgage and refinance rates as well as other consumer products CalCPA provides resources and promotes the integrity of the CPA profession while contributing to the success of its members  The California Board of Accountancy ensures that consumers are well informed and only qualified licensees practice public accountancy providing information via license lookup in its site The FTB website has state tax information and resources for Californians

irs.govĀ  The IRS website has many great tax resources for individuals and businesses including the very useful tool for “Where’s My Refund?” A one stop source of all financial – investment, personal finance, retirement, economy and stock market news A great source of information for personal finance needs as well as access to quotes, stock research and news Nasdaq provides public stock price and dividend history  Financial calculators for forecasting and assessing your financial choices such as car loans, mortgage, budget, savings & investments ABC’s of real estate is great resource to know when buying or selling a home U.S Small Business Association provides programs and services helping small businesses start, grow and succeed The Social Security website has relevant information regarding retirement, medicare, disability and other important benefits Travelex provides information on foreign exchange rates and traveler’s cheques This link will help you chart the dollar against foreign currencies